Have you got started on creating your second income source? If you have, are you getting the results you really want?

Imagine how your life would be if you have multiple sources of income that brings you passive income continuously. You will live a life full of abundance and prosperity. If you are truly serious about achieving tremendous financial success, this is the most important letter you have ever read about money and wealth.

Discover how to get massive financial gains and unlimited passive incomes at the Multiple Sources of Income Summit

- even if nothing has worked for you in the past

Dear friend,

You, like many others might want to make more money but you still have not got it right or got it going. You have tried to create another source of income but heading nowhere. You might be wondering why other people seems to have it all while you need to struggle all the way through.

I know you have been working very hard to change your financial situation. For whatever reason, you are still caught in various situations such as:

Feeling worry and stress up for not having enough money?
Tired of endless and meaningless work?
Doesn't like your job?
Lost your job?
Not having enough time for yourself and your love ones?
Looking for an opportunity to earn more money?
Hoping to achieve financial freedom?

and the list goes on and on ..

But, take a moment to look at this ..

You Have the Power to Control Your Financial Destiny

The past does not equal to the present. YOU can CHOOSE to make your future different. The good news is that you can create extraordinary wealth that you want, having abundance of passive income and change your financial life for permanent success when you know the right way to do it.


The Multiple Sources of Income Summit is designed to give you the enlightenments that you need.

7 Reasons Why You Should Attend MSI Summit

  • In this two day event, you will discover:
  • 1. How to create your own financial portfolio of multiple sources of income supporting you for success in the whatever economy condition.
  • 2. How to choose a source of income that fits your present condition to ensure you produce the result that you desire.
  • 3. The criteria that you need to look at when evaluating the money making opportunities
  • 4. Practical strategies and simple method to create steady flows of multiple income streams
  • 5. Ideas that saved you from permanent financial disasters, where other people took years to learn
  • 6. Great advice and knowledge expertise pooled from a panel of powerful speakers
  • 7. Abundance of opportunities that awaits you

Save yourself from mistakes and years of effort wasted by learning from the Expert Now

Checkout the phenomenal panel of speakers and exciting topic below:

Adam Khoo

Stock Trader, Best Selling Book Author
& Top 25 Richest Singaporean Under 40 in 2007


Achieving Consistent Profit in the Stock Market

Fabian Lim

No. 1 Internet Marketing Expert in Asia


How Ordinary People Create EXTRAORDINARY Results on The Internet

KC See

Founder of the Largest Wealth Coaching Community
in Malaysia and Singapore; MONEY MASTERY


Multiple Sources of Income; Choosing One that Will Fly

Ahyat Ishak

The founder of The Strategic Property Investor (TSPI) Model/Program


The 8 Critical Competencies Of The Strategic Property Investor

Elizabeth Siew

Advocate & Solicitor;
Managing Partner of Messrs Iqbal Hakim, Sia & Voo


Legal Considerations for Group Property Purchase

Adrian Un

Managing Director of Mortgage Broker Sdn Bhd


Grow Rich By Mortgage Leveraging - Secrets Revealed

Jonathan Quek

CEO & Founder of SilverMalaysia.com


Why Gold & Silver? Why Now & How?

Willy Lim

Co-founder of NetProfitQuest,
the Leading Social Media and Mobile Technology Company in Asia


How to Earn SIX-FIGURE Passive Income from Mobile Apps

"We all have two choices. We can make a living or we can design a life" - Jim Rohn



For the first time ever, the exclusive Property Investment Program is featured in the Multiple Sources of Income Summit

- supercharging your wealth creation through property investment

Wouldn't it be amazing to accelerate your wealth creation through property investment? But how do you know which property is worth for investment?

We have arranged a special featured session for those of you who would like to know how to make the most from the property investment.

In this Property Investment Accelerated (PIA) session, you will learn from a team of Property Investment experts to develop a strong property portfolio for the coming years. As you develop your own portfolio, you will be able to thrive on a long term strategic property investment in any economic situation.

Your key takeaways from this exclusive session:

  • Knowing what are the strategies that you can leverage on, in accelerating your wealth through properties investment
  • Learn about the legality and taxation aspects as a property investor
  • Learn how to identify the "hot spots" and widen your geographical reach
  • Knowing how to leverage in loan financing and how to manage your wealth through property investment
  • And a lot more ...

The door of opportunity is widely open to you now, all you need to do is to grab this

We would like you to experience this event. We understand how beneficial and life-changing this would be for you. Thus, we are sponsoring a portion of this investment to offer you an early bird price for only RM 78.

We know that you care for your love ones, so we are also giving away a FREE seat when you invest in a ticket TODAY


Early Bird Offer: RM178
Only RM78*
(Buy 1 FREE 1 Seat)

*Before 18th June 2013


As a special bonus, you will receive a free gift CD of Adam Khoo & You Can Create Wealth Book from KC See that has helped thousands of people to expand the capacity to earn money. There is no doubt that you will be learning a lot from Adam Khoo, a self-made millionaire at the age of 26, who is also an entrepreneur, best selling author and a peak performance trainer.

This offer ends on 18th JUNE 2013, so ACT FAST while you still have the chance!

REGISTER NOW! Grab the opportunity of your financial turning point and take charge of your own financial success that you deserved today!


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Multiple Sources of Income Summit Special Feature: Property Investment

Penang Session

Date : 22 - 23 June 2013 (Sat – Sun)

Venue: Gurney Hotel, Penang

Time: 9:30am to 6:00pm

Changing your reality is just a click away!
Click the button below now and say yes to extraordinary financial success.

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance
- Derek Bok.



How you can create abundance of wealth even if you have nothing to start with

Most people are never taught on how to create multiple sources of income. So, what do most people do is they learn through the trial and error method. The reality is you can't afford to make money mistakes. It will cause you a permanent financial disasters that leads to a point of no return.

As you begin to realize this, you're intelligent enough to know that the key to change your financial condition from being an average to highly successful and key from living a mediocre life to super duper wealthy life is to get yourself re-educated. Re-educate yourself to obtain the financial wisdom to win the money game in whatever economic condition.

Little by little you understand the truth about this... Obtaining financial wisdom is as important as getting food for your body. The Multiple Sources of Income Summit reveals to you all that you need to know to create additional sources of income and guiding you to explore tremendous wealth creation more than you could ever imagine.




Another source of income doesn't mean that you have to work harder.

Have you notice some people who claims that they have additional sources of income who are actually working in an additional job? Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that it is bad to have additional jobs and being hardworking, but I'm saying that you have a choice. You can choose to work smarter and choose to have additional sources of income with minimal effort.

This is exactly how the Multiple Source of Income Summit can help you achieve. Imagine what it would be like if you are guided to make the correct choices, and being supported with guidelines and criteria to help you make the right decisions?

What if you are provided with great ideas, templates and necessary resources to help you make it into a real-world income? Wouldn't it be amazing if you can saved yourself a lot more of your precious time and effort?

This event has changed thousands of people's financial situation from all walks of life, to learn and explore multiple source of income for massive financial success. You too can now at the Multiple Sources of Income.
This two day could be your financial turning point that change your entire financial life toward success, happiness and everything that you could ever dream of.

Just imagine what it will be like to wake up every morning and know you hold the 'master key' to abundance. You will be stress free knowing that you've found the right method to achieve limitless wealth with additional sources of income that continuously generating income to you over and over again.

As you begin to see how important to explore financial opportunities and re-educating yourself, we are excited to see you succeeding.


What actually determines your success in life?

Picture yourself five years back ... and how you have become who you are today. You probably realize that what determines your current condition is actually your past decisions and actions.
You have been consciously and unconsciously making thousands of decisions in your life. Don't you agree that some of the pitfalls or challenges that you are experiencing now could have been avoided if you have make some better decisions upstream?

All of us know that the rich are the minority. If you tend to go with the flow of life unconsciously, you will one day find yourself about to take a fall, be it a financial fall or financial crisis in life.

And you understand that the only way, and I repeat the only way to avoid this is to take charge of your financial direction and improve on it now.

How often do you hear yourself saying, "Let's wait for next time". But the reality is if you are doing the same thing that what you have been doing, you will always get the same result. In order to breakthrough from where you are now, you've got to take massive action

Don't let your financial destiny left to chances. You can expand your financial capability and enjoy the abundance. All you need to do is to take action. Grab this opportunity now before it's too late!

I found it easier to get RICH than I did to make excuses
- Jim Rohn

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For your Financial Success,

KC See

CEO, Mastery Asia

P.S: The Multiple Sources of Income Summit
This is definitely not a lecture of nice theories and this is not a motivational program. This is an event that opens up your financial horizon giving you the actual strategies to grow additional sources of income. It saves you from years of time and effort being wasted. Act NOW to grab the 'Early Bird Offers' before it is too late!


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